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Sunil , Miya George , Prakash Raj , Posani Krishna Murali , Ali ,Raja Ravindra


Kranthi Madhav


Mohamaad Ghibran

Release Date

Fri, 15th Sep 2017

Ungarala Rambabu telugu Movie Song Lyrics

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Coming Soon Ungarala Rambabu Movie Song Lyrics


Rambabu (Sunil) is an orphan whose grandfather is a businessman.  It's only when the grandpa dies that Rambabu comes to know that the business has been insolvent.  Overnight, the crorepathi turns into a bankrupted bikari.

But worry not.  The very next day, he chances upon a heist of gold worth Rs. 200 CR and overnight, he is a millionaire once again.

He falls in love with his employee Savitri (Miya George) and, along with her, goes to a village in Kerala to convince her father (Prakash Raj, as a communist leader) that he is the right person to marry her.

But here comes the conflict.  Rambabu is a businessman whom his lover's Communist father sees as an exploitative Capitalist.  What follows next is how Rambabu convinces that he is the right kind of guy with the golden heart.