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Ajith, Lakshmi Menon, Shruthi Hassan, Soori, Ashwin Kakkamanu, Mottai Rajendran, Mayilswamy, Y.Gee. Mahendran




Anirudh Ravichander

Release Date

Tue, 10th Nov 2015

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Working as a taxi driver, Ganesh leads a peaceful life. One day, on helping the police seize three criminals, he incurs the wrath of a criminal network, following which his real identity is revealed.

Ganesh (Ajith) reaches Kolkata for the higher studies of his younger sister Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) He starts working as a taxi driver and helps police nab an important member of an international syndicate of criminals run by three brothers (Rahul Dev, Kabi Singh and another one new actor). Ganesh incurs the wrath of the criminal network. Only when he was dragged in to be killed we come to know that the purpose of Ganesh’s visit is dismantling the mafia by killing its three heads, To know what is the reason behind this mission and how Ganesh accomplishes it, watch ‘Vedalam’ in theaters.

The film highly depends on Ajith’s star power, mass appeal and his skills to perform and entertain his fans and general audience. Writer director Siva emerges a winner in capitalizing the phenomenal positives of Ajith as an actor and as a star and manages to serve us a product of high octane entertainment despite a few glitches.

As said before, ‘Vedalam’ is a mass film and don’t expect a great story. There are predictable twists, convenient turns of events, logical lapses and all that are common in a mass film which would require us to keep our logical thinking aside and enjoy the show. Even the names of villains and what they really do are not well explained.  The script does not even care to establish the hero’s character as a supremely powerful human being with a proper background to make his victory over an international mafia of criminals appear somewhat convincing.   But given the large than life image of Ajith and the way the star has pulled of this character would make you forget these things while watching the film.

Despite with an ordinary story and limited scope for suspense and thrill, Siva has managed to maintain some suspense element by hiding some details about the lead characters throughout the film and they make the film much more interesting than a mere super hero film. .  He has created a suspense filled character that will suit the image of Ajith and also written some fantastic dialogues that will make his fans erupt in Joy. Lakshmi Menon does not know the real background of Ajith and this gives room for a lot of dual play in Ajith’s character. The way Siva has played some games within the script with this has resulted in lifting the fortunes of the film as a wholesome entertainment package.