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Robert,Chandrika, Nirosha, Aishwarya Bhaskaran




Srikanth Deva

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MGR Sivaji Rajini Kamal tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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This film has Robert, Ramji, Aishwarya, Nirosha and many other stars. This movie is taken in Hein Hover style to impress the audience with comedy and thrill. The story starts with the drinking scene with four friends. One among them is the hero. As they do not have enough money, they suffer a lot. One of the friend’s mother was forced to death, due to lack of money and hence these four guys plan to do a robbery. So they get the masks of MGR, Sivaji, Rajini and Kamal and start to do their robbery. They loot an ATM of a bank by wearing the mask of the celebrities. While they are robbing the money, there comes the woman officer to fill the ATM with the cash. They kidnap the officer along with the money. They loot all the ATMs on their way. To find these robbers and prove their guilt, a lady inspector is appointed. Whether the police arrest these robbers or not and what happened to the money is the rest of the story.

Nirosha performs as the ATM officer and Aishwarya as the lady police inspector. Aishwarya performs as a comedy Police. This film conveys the message about how the youth are forced to do the illegal jobs, in a comedy way. Ramji appears in this film after a long break; but he acts in TV serials.