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Sampath Ram,Yuvarani, Arun Balaji, Leema Babu


Kadhal Sukumar


Srikanth Deva

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Summave Aaduvom tamil Movie Song Lyrics

Rank Movie Lyrics Views
1 Summave Aaduvom Summave Aaduvom 37
2 Summave Aaduvom Vidiyaatha 34
3 Summave Aaduvom Muthu Muthu 33
4 Summave Aaduvom Thalaiva Thalaiva 31
5 Summave Aaduvom Magaraasi 29
6 Summave Aaduvom Rettai Jadai Kaari 29
7 Summave Aaduvom Thaarai Thappattai 28


The movie Summave Aaduvom rolls around the oldest form of folk dance Koothu, which is almost fading. The flick emerges the affinity of the maestros, who are passionate about the dance, the struggle to secure their property, the piece of land which belongs to them legally, as it was allotted decades back by a gracious landowner (zamindar).The plot of the movie scantly reminds of the Bollywood film 'Lagaan,' which is also based on similar issues, also beating the oppressive in their own game.

Some of the elder members of the company are rude, while the younger ones are ignorant and moved forward in their lives.The youngster ringleader and protagonist Karnan (Arun Balaji) is the Hero among the youngster, who owns a patty shop.The character of Karnan is generous, who helps his friends in the time of Dilemma, like he sold his shop, which was his only source of his daily bread, to help one of his allies.The Zamindar's son Arjun too is quite favorite among youngsters, who works in films.

It is later found that Karnan and Arjun were step brothers, which only Zamindar and his astrologer knows. The Director here gave a historical touch, as film shares some scenes related to the past. In the flashback twenty years ago, Zamindar had to copulate with another woman, to bear a child of his own, which Zamindar cohabits. An astrologer has already predicted this incident. A folk artist offered herself to Zamindar, as she heard the conversation. In another scene, Zamindar's first wife also subsequently bears a child, both getting their sons.While another incident of the movie, also unfolds about the prediction about the two newborns getting swapped during their birth shortly.

There is a point in the flick where Arjun insults Karnan and his gang, while there was huge altercation among them for the land. Arjun imposed a challenge, that, if Karnan and his friends can make a movie complete in a month, Karnan will own the property, else they would be expelled. The rest of the flick is about the fallout between Karnan and Arjun, the two stepbrothers, where Karnan and his team has clutter to execute the challenge.