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Luthiya, Vadivukkarasi


Nesam Murali


Srikanth Deva

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Kollidam tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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Nesam Murali is a big goon in Kollidam. He involves himself in all the illegal activities. He has good political support. Hence nobody is able to fight against him. Ramachandran Durairaj is a small goon in the same area. Once he happens to help a school boy regarding his love affair and is being caught by the police. Since the girl whom the boy loved is the police officer’s daughter the issue becomes serious. Nesam Murali helps to bring out Ramachandran from the problem. Due to this the police officer gets angry with Nesam Murali. He decides to kill Nesam Murali. But since Nesam Murali has political support the police officer waits for the right chance.