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Aari, Ashna Zaveri Latha, Sithara, Kaali Venkat, Manobala


Mohamad Issack


Srikanth Deva

Release Date

Fri, 16th Feb 2018

Nagesh Thiraiarangam tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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1 Nagesh Thiraiarangam Kangal Rendum 38


Aari is Nagesh a failed real estate broker, his attempts to glorify himself as a broker never clicks, not even once and everyone including his family wants him to get a real job. The scenes are made so clumsily you get the feeling of a 90’s movie. A desperate hero, that namesake heroine, a sidekick, a concerned mother and of course a formality of a sister’s wedding that cannot happen without meeting high dowry demands. Of course the lead up to the haunted theatre could have been made interestingly, sadly it's only Kaali Venkat’s horny comedies that muster up laughs here and there. So with the pressure of his sister’s wedding, Aari sets out to sell his old theatre which can rake up good fortunes, but it's not so simple is it? The deserted theatre is haunted and its as always the comedian who comes to know of it first. From there on there is no end to clichés of horror movies, the usual routine follows with no specified order.

The haunted theatre has a ghost guarding the place, their attempts to sell the place goes in vain; it's not primarily because of the spirit or ghost, but the bystanders, villagers who scream at the mention of the theatre. To keep a check in comedy, the director shuttles between Kaali Venkat’s antics and stereotype terrorizing elements that hardly scare you even a bit. The wait for the true scare takes time and comes occasionally in the second half. So Aari and Kaali Venkat come hand in hand with the spirit and decide to quit and head back home, but the thought of his sister comes back haunting and he decides to confront his fear. Does he chase the ghost away, or he gets chased forms the rest of the story.