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Ma Ka Pa Anand, Nikhila Vimal, Senrayan


S. P. Mohan



Release Date

Fri, 1st Jun 2018

Panjumittai tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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1 Panjumittai My Wifeu Romba Beautifulu 38


Appu (Ma Ka Pa) and Kuppu (Sendrayan) are childhood friends who can’t even think of living in different places. As both of them grow up, they start earning their living by working in a hotel. Trouble starts between them when Appu gets married to a girl (Nikhila). He starts hating Kuppu’s constant presence when he is with his wife. He also starts noticing that Kuppu’s dress colour is always similar to that of his wife’s. A peeved Appu starts suspecting his wife and tries his best to keep her away from Kuppu. Later, he consults a doctor who explains Kuppu’s weird behaviour.

Interestingly, like Kuppu’s behaviour, the film, too, is weird, thanks to its amateurish making, loud performances of the lead actors and poor CG scenes. An outlandish plot coupled with exaggerated histrionics and extreme close-up shots make the viewing experience a terrible one. A comparatively better second half and a not-so-bad flashback episode are the only saving graces of this otherwise horrific movie.