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Vijay Sethupathi, Remya Nambeesan


S. U. Arun Kumar


Nivas K. Prasanna

Release Date

Fri, 19th Feb 2016

Sethupathi tamil Movie Song Lyrics

Rank Movie Lyrics Views
1 Sethupathi Hawa Hawa 54
2 Sethupathi Konji Pesida Venaam 49
3 Sethupathi Thaen Kootil 46
4 Sethupathi Mazhai Thooralam 44
5 Sethupathi Hey Mama 41


Sethupathi, a tough police officer, investigates the murder of an inspector. His findings lead to the arrest of Vathiyar, an influential man in Madurai, but put his life, career and family at risk.

‘Sethupathi’ is a tough cop  who balances his job with his family life perfectly.  An investigation into the death of an inspector from another station pitches Sethupathi against Vathiyaar a big wig in Madurai and the story is about the cat and mouse game played by  the two told brilliantly.

Vijay Sethupathi is a rare talent who dons a wide range of roles  with consummate ease.  If he was perfect as the wannabe rowdy in ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ here  as the straightforward  cop Sethupathi he has gone many notches higher.  The uniqueness he brings to his roles is again evident as he does not mouth any punch dialogue, but gets the claps with his body language alone.   Vijay Sethupathi is a delight when he casually takes a selfie while keeping the villain’s henchmen waiting.  The scene when he casually  confirms the fear of his enemy for him from his bike and  when he instructs his wife and son over the phone to chase away the goons who have come to  kill them drown the theater in applause.  This is probably his first full length  action film and he has taken to it like a fish to water.  Remya Nambesan carries the role of a married woman with two kids without a flaw.  Both Dhanusra and Raghavan are two cute kids and the latter has his own mass scene in the climax.Vela Ramamurthy as Vathiyaar does not look menacing, but by his dialogue delivery and body language convey his role nicely.  Linga as the loyal constable fits the role to the T and so is Vivek Prasanna as the main henchman.  The diminutive actor who plays the role of an officer who court-martials Sethupathi brings the house down when he rules in favor of him.