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Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani


I. Ahmed


Santhosh Narayanan

Release Date

Fri, 29th Apr 2016

Manithan tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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Shakthi (Udhayanidhi) is an unsuccessful young lawyer in ‘Pollachi’ who is the laughing stock of his family and colleagues.  The one person who believes in him is his longtime girlfriend  Priya (Hansika Motwani).  Fed up of being the loser Shakthi leaves to Chennai to stay with his uncle Vivekh vowing to become a high court lawyer.  After many failures in Chennai just as he decides to go back home he meets Vijay (Krishna Kumar) who wants him to go for a public litigation against a drunk billionaire who mows down and kills six platform dwellers in his car and escapes the law with the help of famed criminal lawyer Aadhi Sheshan (Prakash Raj).  The rest of the screenplay deals with how Shakthi overcomes the mighty Aadhi Sheshan.

For the first time in his career Udhayanidhi has got a meaty role with various shades and he has put in a sincere effort throughout and comes good as the loser who fumbles his way taking on the might of a formidable enemy managing success only at the very end.  Hansika is a mere decoration in this film and barring the song sequences her appearances hinder rather than help the proceedings. Aishwarya Rajesh has a role of substance as Jennifer the journalist with a conscience and does a neat job.  Prakash Raj hams it up as Aadhi Seshan and reminds us of so many of his previous performances.  With very little humor on offer Vivekh is just there.  It is Radha Ravi ,who steals the show during all the court proceedings sequences and  he saves his best for the climax where he is an absolute scream.