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Udhaya, Kanika Tiwari, Nassar


K. Kandeepan


Vijai Anthony

Release Date

Fri, 24th Jul 2015

Aavi Kumar tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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It’s a season of ghost and horror movies making their way to the screens in Tamil cinema. Though the title is Aavi Kumar, here the real Aavi (ghost) is played by the heroine and she is not the scary ghost you come across in horror genres.  

Kumar (Udhaya) is a medium (one who has the power of speaking to ghosts) who anchors a show Aavi Kumar at a television channel. His uncle (MS Bhaskar) is unable to find a match for him when the girls come to know of his profession. Meanwhile, he goes to Malaysia for his milestone 200th episode. There he takes the challenge of the local police officer (Nasser) who is cynical about ghosts and tells him in public that he has arrested a wrong person for the murder of a doctor. This alerts the perpetrators who are watching the show live on TV. Since Kumar brings out a startling revelation, a perplexed Malaysian police instructs him not to leave the country. Now, the real killers are after Kumar, who by now moves into an apartment. There, he meets a (cute looking) ghost Abhirami (Kanika Tiwari) who refuses to accept that she is dead. Strangely, Kumar falls for Abhirami and promises to help her find out her identity. While doing so, it leads to subplots where the culprits are brought to books.

Udhaya has given a matured performance. He is good at stunt sequences too. Kanika looks pretty but her character screams whenever she appears on screen. Jagan is equally loud and his double entendre comic act irritates. Nasser as usual shines in an extended cameo. Devadarshini and Ramadoss are brought in the final lap of the story for comical relief and to some extent, they succeed. Music by Vijay Antony and Srikanth Deva goes well with the mood of the film. For once deviating away from the ‘Twin Tower’ which is the usual spot to show Malaysia, Rajesh Narayanan’s camera has captured the unseen beautiful side of the country.  The plot is new and interesting. The film had all the potential to turn out to be an engaging thriller, had the director infused some twists and turns instead of narrating it flat.