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Kishore, Sree Raam, Vinodhkumar,Pandi, Murugesh, Chandini


Vijay Milton


Other Music Director

Release Date

Mon, 10th Mar 2014

Goli Soda S.N.Arunagiri tamil Movie Song Lyrics

Rank Movie Lyrics Views
1 Goli Soda - S.N.Arunagiri Jananam Jananam 379
2 Goli Soda - S.N.Arunagiri All Your Beauty 344
3 Goli Soda - S.N.Arunagiri Aaru Adi Veedu 330
4 Goli Soda - S.N.Arunagiri Kaadhal Pannen 310


A group of four young men work as laborers and carry vegetable loads to shops in a market. A woman in one such shop treats them like her children and inspires them to do something to earn respect. The boys decide to start a small restaurant.

The four kids takes in-charge to run a mess in the market with the help of Tara. They start their living and getting themselves recognized as Tara mess boys in the locality, meanwhile they also try finding their romantic luck with the school girls passing by. The four kids Vikarm, Hemanth, Chandan steals the show with eager for their growth and agony against the villains.

Naidu, the head of the market is the person who helps and also troubles the kids, and the mess is ruined by naidu people which results into clash with kids. Tara is kept as a bait by the Villain to get the boys beaten up in the market.

From there revenge and justifying show by the boys for facing the humiliations and getting beaten up and insulted in all aspects of life. The kids gets separated and left alone in all parts of the country.