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Dulquer Salman, Jacob Gregory, Aparna Gopinath, Tovino Thomas, S. P. Sreekumar


Martin Prakkat


Gopi Sunder

Release Date

Fri, 14th Jun 2013

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The movie follows the adventures of  US born and bred  Johns (Dulqar Salman) and his cousin Kora Murikken (Jacob Gregory),  as they are forced to leave their homely luxury of Newyork  to land in the state of Kerala and to live as Paupers. John's Dad , (lalu Alex) hardly has got little options other than this as the duo has already turned big trouble makers with some men around who has even started tracking them and to  murder them for their notorious deeds in a pub. Once in kerala, they find that there bank account has been freezed and their father is even planning to make them study in a college of the city, providing them minimal amenities and paying just 5000 Rs per month for every other expenses including food. John and Kora  unfamiliar with the life style  of Kerala, now starts to believe that `Planning' is the only thing that can make their life perfect. But little did they knew that their new habits of money saving and the loudmouthed behaviour can make them the prey of news hungry kerala paparazzi's   and media.

ABCD works mainly due to the chemistry between  Johns and Kora. Though a big mandatory transformation was due , the movie never ever tries anything unconvincing here in betting for a makeover. The movie also scores for its nature that jumps over predictable lanes. The finesse and pacing  in which Martin has been able to make the viewer's believe the `satirizing media chase' and the big improbabilities in the ` popularity of his protagonists `,which  need to be appreciated, as this part is very vital that  makes the film really work. And so is the very unexpected climax and the mature handling and able distancing of Madhumitha from johns   from any sort of  romance and breaking into a song.  In the negatives are the many inane, lowbrow wits centred around `fart' and toilets  that doesn't make everyone laugh aloud.

ABCD is very much a `Dulqar salman film with the youngster shouldering the responsibilities of steering the entire happenings in his tender shoulders. With playful spiky hair and interesting accent, he demonstrates how acting comes easy to him. Rather than performing , he believes in behaving with ease and charm and a newly found confidence post `Ustad Hotel'. Jacob Gregory in his filmy debut complement Dulqar mostly in the second half, though he takes time to make an appeal in the former half. Aparna as Madhumitha, the differently thinking student activist of the college, definitely catches your eye and packs a punch though with her limited screen presence. Tovino  Thomas impresses in the antagonist role of the young politician, while the rest of the casts are ok.