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Jayasurya, Anu Sithara, Renji Panicker, Deepak Parambol, Saiju Kurup, Siddique, Dhritiman Chatterjee



Gopi Sunder

Release Date

Fri, 16th Feb 2018

Captain 2018 malayalam Movie Song Lyrics

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When coach Jaffar (Renji Panicker) says, ‘Oru Kalikarante Melvilasom Maidanam Aanu’ (The football field is the address of a player), it encapsulates the essence of a footballer’s philosophy. Journalist-turned filmmaker Prajesh Sen’s debut directorial, Captain, refreshes the memory of football fans about the legend called Sathyan while for the uninitiated, it gives a good insight into the life of the ‘unsung hero’, who committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train in Chennai.

The film opens with the names of the cast and crew being displayed with the frenzied noise of a football match in the background. VP Satyan is introduced to the audience through the opening scene in which he fails to convert his penalty shot during the 1999 South Asian Federation Games held in Kathmandu. The whole film itself is like a match with Jayasurya playing the role of the ‘Captain’ who wins often but is also fouled many times on the field called life. The first half captures the growing up years of the footballer who rises to the top from humble beginnings.

Backing his madness is his mother played by Lakshmi Sharma and elder brother played by Santhosh Keezhattoor. Football earns Sathyan a job in Kerala Police and the star player of the team soon wins hearts. Anu Sithara deserves applause for her portrayal of Anitha Sathyan, virtually becoming the footballer’s shadow through thick and thin. Actors, Deepak Parambol as U Sharaf Ali, Janardhanan and Saiju Kurup also add the cast.

The film capitalises on the average Malayali’s love for football. The kind of love that makes Sathyan tell his wife, ‘I will divorce you if you come against my first lover football’ on his first night after wedding. Jayasurya does justice both as the loving husband and as the passionate footballer. He also captures well his final days when he succumbs to depression due to his leg injury.

Engrossing background score by Gopi Sundar keeps pace with the narration. Roby Varghese Raj who cranks the camera well when the scene shifts to Calcutta and its beautiful locales including Mohun Bagan club and its ground. Siddique enacts Malappuram Kakka, representing the dedicated football fans from Malabar, who are sure to be pleased with this screen tribute to a great player.